Margarita Zafrilla Olayo’s TiLTING VERTICALITIES extents the language of choreographic practices drawn from the artist’s lived experience as a dancer; an spatial meditation in direct relation to other, liberating a pre-linguistic form of knowledge. Moving collaboratively the work redefines the unifying act of peaceful engagement through touch.  

Zafrilla Olayo has produced a body of large-scale sculptural pieces, natural rubber bands (latex/rubber tree’s milky sap) painted with organic forms for the public to inhabit. Caring and holding each other in a peaceful and unifying act of engagement, the performance offers new perspectives to bring one's equilibrium into balance. 

A work conceived as a collaboration, to stage a celebration of movement's changing state. The movement in question is the internal dialogue implicit in the existence of all things; a place of resilience, vitality and healing capacity that occupies our bodies. Expanding the balancing forces in one’s own body, we counterbalance weight with others, moving and being moved together and simultaneously.

Counterbalancing forces are at play through the experience of the physical-self in motion; as well as in relationship with the choreographies and architecture of each given space. Each loop sculpture is the documentation of the performance and becomes an object of the experience that resonates into the future. 

Within this immersive interaction as moving sculpture, a group of dance artists develop the proposal in which the audience are invited to participate and/or witness the action.

For those who may like to take part actively, it involves a simple movement ‘score’, or instruction, in which to experiment within an artwork and large loop of stretched fabric with another person. Holding together and supported by the artwork and fabric, the experience becomes a communication through movement itself – how to stand in touch with the ground, how to balance and rebalancing together and how to play with structural tension, inclinations and orientations, moving and being moved in direct relation to each other and sharing ground. 

For those watching, the work offers culptural and poignant images, as the participants negotiate interdependence, harmony, affect and anchoring. 

Beyond this immersive participatory performance, dance, painting and sculpture, TiLTING VERTICALITIES invites us to re-animate and sustain dances, rituals and dimensions of being and place.

TiLTING VERTICALITIES was premiered alongside the Venice Biennial 2019 by invitation of James Putnam, independent curator, writer and former founder curator of the British Museum’s Contemporary Arts and Cultures Programme.