The Art of Holding Together

living document of dance

Affecting effects
towards peaceful states

TiLTING VERTICALITIES is a collective experience related to the feeling of movement which seeks to build trust and connection in physical proximity and the spaces we share.

This original artwork & choreographic process, invite us to step inside and explore notions of equilibrium, interdependence, trust and support — generally shared with and for cultural public programmes, research and educational contexts, and groups and individual workshop sessions.

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In TiLTING VERTICALITIES movement acquires the most subtle tonalities of a painted work, as discrete bodies produce an almost static, delicate choreography, balancing the acts of holding and letting go.”— Mara Polgovsky, Art Historian and Filmmaker, Birkbeck, University of London. 

“TiLTING VERTICALITIES enacts a place of rest and support that is radically mutual. We sense and negotiate our own and one another’s weight and energy, and the ground, to find safe places off the vertical where we can hang out, snuggle, stretch and play. This piece - whether observed as sculpture or experienced from within - unfolds the delicacy, vitality and strength of embodied interconnectivity” — Lizzy Le Quesne, dancer and writer.

TiLTING VERTICALITIES by Margarita Zafrilla Olayo at the International Festival of Learning, Imperial War Museum Park, JUL 2021, part of Dance, Intimacy and the Civic, a programme of research curated by Independent Dance, exploring dance in relationship to the civic realm and the potential for dance to influence social change. Performers Laura Doehler & Claudia Tonietto. Photo Nikki Tomlinson.