WEDNESDAY 22nd 3.30pm—4.40pm 
it is now @ Davies Sports Hall

Laurence Court Froebel Court,
Roehampton Ln, Roehampton SW15 5PJ


If any problem finding it, please call Pato on 07957451615 who wil be happy to help! x

Painting, Margarita Zafrilla Olayo, IN (The Art of Holding  Hands) , 2024 

Margarita Zafrilla Olayo

IN (The Art of Holding Together)


TUES 21 MAY, 12.30 to 1.30 pm
 WEDS 22 MAY, 3.30 to 4.40 pm

"A public invitation to a choreographic and collective holding, dance & performance art installation. 
All in all, calling to exercise peaceful states, sharing space."

developed with Post-graduate and Under-graduate Dance Performance students from University of Roehampton Dance Department.

No tickets required
Please note, this is an outdoor 70 minute performance. Should it rain, we will be reallocated to a hall next door.

Follow this page for updates on the day!

It is a beautiful 5 minute walk to the performance site, take Southlands Gate University Entrance at Roehampton Lane, then follow the yellow line (in map—picture attached).

Choreography & artworks
Margarita Zafrilla Olayo

Choreographic development & performance
Huimin Zhu, Xinton Shao, Anna Placentino, Jiaqi Cheng, Emma Magliaro, Yibo Hao, Yuhan Liu, Chen Yao, Ji Xiang, Siyuan Zhang, Hanxu Zho, Yuwei Liu, Chenyu Wang, Xiaoyu Liu, Emily Arbas Solstad, Yu Chen, Kenan Cheng, Siyi Wang

Meilyr Jones, Timothy Cape, Peter Bellchamber

TiLTING VERTICALITIES, IN (The Art of Holding Together) has been commissioned by University of Roehampton as part of its Dance Performance Students Summer Performances program. It includes my tail of a few years long dance art project, this time developed and performed by 18 students BA, MA & MFA Dance, Performance Practice and Embodied Research program.

With special thanks for its support to Pato Bosich, Samia Ashraf, Maria Gil, Lalitaraja Chandler, University of Roehampton & the dance students, for holding all these dancing efforts with me.

Margarita Zafrilla Olayo is a London-based artist since 1999, working with dance, performance, choreographic projects, still and moving-image, painting and sculpture, grounding herself on questions on how we are transformed by dancing. Her work has been presented at MACRO Museo d'Arte Contemporanea Roma, GAD Giudecca Art District flagship exhibition-58th Venice Biennale, Watou Arts Festival in Belgium, Northern Sustainable Futures-Moskosel Creative Lab in Sweden, Tate Archive in a collective exhibition with the Royal College of Art Situated Practice group Archive(r), Zona Maco Photo 2022-Mexico art fair, International Festival of Learning-Independent Dance-Imperial War Museum Park and Next Choreography-Siobhan Davies Studios, in London. Click here to learn more about Marga...

more about the program 

On May 21st and 22nd at 6pm a mixed bill of choreographed work performed by dance performance students. Choreographers include Olivia Lockwood, Evangelia Kolyra, Will Dickie, Ming, Hanna Gilgren, Sarah Gottlieb and Lalitaraja and includes A new screendance project from Ana Baer and Heike Seltzer.

There will also be a re-staging of Peter Darrell’s “Economy in Straightjacket but Still Room for Movement” (1978) by Kristin Johnson. Peter Darrell was Founder Director of Scottish Ballet and this challenging ballet takes its title from a financial headline in The Times.

Tickets for the 6pm show are free but must be booked so that we can manage numbers—at the university’s e-store.